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Why I Love: @kenzielizsmith

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Hello friends,

I am absolutely thrilled to start a new type of post, which is ‘Why I Love.’ This will feature artists and brands that I truly believe in so much that I’m willing to spend time to rant and proclaim my love for them so the internet can bask in the fact that they exist! What better way to start out this type of post than to brag about one of my closest friends in University, Mackenzie Elizabeth.

How We Met

I had the pleasure of meeting Mackenzie because she was in my first ever staff when I became a resident assistant at my University. You know when you see someone and you barely know them but their presence rings a bell in your heart which screams WE MUST BE FRIENDS?!! Yup–that’s how it felt like when I first got to know her.

Lately, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Mackenzie for my Typography 2 final (check it out if you haven’t already), in which I re-designed Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and utilized photos from her portfolio. And my goodness did the Universe mean for us to work together, because all the pre-written articles I hand-picked from earlier issues of Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar all worked with her photos (amazing, right?)

Why She Stands Out

If I could describe her photography in 3 words or phrases, they would be: anti-generic, elegantly unique, and overwhelmingly satisfying.

Her overall consistent style and art direction is evident when you flip through the pages of her portfolio. She has an eye for an image that sticks in your mind, and a hand for editing with ease. Her work has a way of empowering you as a woman. I am constantly in love with the ideas she has and admire the way that she is able to translate her ideas onto a beautifully composed photograph.

I also have had the pleasure of working with her, and my oh my, is it a hoot and a half. She makes creative decisions that are quick and efficient, and she finds ways to make you feel comfortable and at-ease. Perhaps most importantly, she has a humble heart. It is very hard to come across someone of this talent without them slapping you in the face with all their accomplishments, and I respect her for being that way.

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Why You Should Know Her

  1. She is already a professionally working photographer for Isalis, and has managed her own business for years

  2. Her work is well-received with features by Vogue Italia, Dior Beauty Lovers, and ShopIsalis.com

  3. She is an authentic human being and deserves the best

Thank you for reading, and I highly recommend that you check out more of her work on her website.