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Why I love: @anjakotar

Dear human beings of this earth,

I am so freaking blessed that I can call the Slovenian-born singer-songwriter, THE Anja Kotar, my friend. February 1st marks the launch of her new single and music video, KIDS. Watch her new music video, down below. As of writing this, her song already has over 2K plays only on Spotify after the first week out!

About Anja

Anja is a Solvenian-born independent singer-songwriter with drive and intelligence like no other. She moved to California at the age of 14, and is now an established artist after Kick-staring (pun very much so intended) her career. Her first single was nominated in 2017 for Best Pop Song at the American Songwriting Awards. Basically, she’s a boss babe with pipes. Click here for more on her story.

Photos taken by  @janiugrin

Photos taken by @janiugrin

anjakotar_logo BLACK.png

How We Met

Honestly, I really got to thank the universe for this one. Anja happened to be a senior to the High School I moved to right after moving from Jakarta, Indonesia. As a new student, I tried so hard to find my place, and I knew I had to do something with theatre. So, I signed up for my last chance of participating that year, which was the student-directed production of Godspell. And guess who was the director? Yep. THE Anja Kotar. Ever since the first time I introduced myself to her, I knew that she was someone to look up to.

Yep—that’s me in Godspell

Yep—that’s me in Godspell

Since this, we’ve always kept touch and while I was still in high school, she basically helped me start my love for graphic design by trusting me with the album art for her first album, ‘Nomad.’ She also gave me the honor of being in a couple of her music videos in this album, including ‘18’ and ‘How to Be Cool.’

BTS, ‘How to be Cool’ Music Video, Photo Credits to Photos taken by  @janiugrin

BTS, ‘How to be Cool’ Music Video, Photo Credits to Photos taken by @janiugrin

‘Nomad’ album art and logo by Julia Ysabela Fernandez

‘Nomad’ album art and logo by Julia Ysabela Fernandez

Why You Should Know Her

  1. Her voice gives you chills because you know that those pipes know music theory and aren’t afraid to push through (she’s currently completing her Master’s Degree from the Berklee School of Music)!

  2. She has THE COOLEST fashion style and nails straight out of Pinterest.

  3. Anja is the type of friend that will listen to every word you say, and will give you helpful advice that will last you forever. Her acceptance to diversity and adversity, and her love for other people and herself make Anja Kotar an influencer that this generation needs.

Now saving best for last—

Anja has given me the pleasure of designing a t-shirt for her merch! We were inspired by a shirt from Urban Outfitters, and really wanted to bring to light a snapshot or film still of the music video.

Click here to purchase your own shirt!