Julia Ysabela Fernandez


New Year New (and improved) Me


Hello friends,

I’m back and ready to blog once more!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for clicking that link that has brought you here to my mind’s humble abode. I want to keep growing in all aspects of what makes me happy, and this is one of my new check-marks to do is post every week between one of the following topics:

  • Lifestyle

  • Health

  • Art

I’ve been reflecting a lot on how 2018 has allowed me to grow as a person. With my mind running wild with new projects, I can’t wait to keep the productivity going and the creative juices flowing (wow I sound like my dad).  This way I am able to streamline those creative ideas in one place, and you can go through this journey with me!

Now, onto my other set of resolutions.

The thing is, resolutions have always scared me because I always thought they were more dreamlike as opposed to realistic. I wanted to change how I viewed resolutions, so instead of numbering off or bullet pointing, I listed them off as checkmarks. Sounds ridiculous that it would do anything, right? But if there’s one thing that I learned, it’s that your outlook on things can make a huge difference in how you take on challenges in life. 

That’s why when I decided to jot down this new year’s resolutions, I decided to take the time to specify and categorize my resolutions into 3 things: personal growth, growth in acting, and growth in graphic design. This is what I came up with:


Thinking that you WILL do it as supposed to hesitating that you MIGHT is what makes you go from being a thinker to a believer. Nothing can stop you from your goals other than yourself.

If you’ve read until this line, I thank you. I look forward to making more of these posts and doing my best to follow through. I’ll be keeping myself accountable by placing updates on these. Hope you guys are having a wonderful start to the year!

Julia Fernandez