Sal's Seafood


Redesign a small local business, boutique, or restaurant shop in 6 weeks. Create a new identity, new branding strategy, and collateral for the brand.

Swan Oyster Depot is a well renowned, over 100 year-old seafood restaurant located in Polk Street, San Francisco.The business was founded by four Danish brothers as Cable Oyster Depot in 1912, and bought by Sal Sancimino and his cousins in 1946 and is still managed as a family business today. The business is known for its hole-in-the-wall, family friendly business that is known for classic and high quality seafood.


With classic assets that are reminiscent of maritime adventures, and a modernized identity, the Sal's Seafood restaurant rebrand provides an identity that it deserves. As a solution to the original brand not having a visual system, I decided to re-name the restaurant to something more relevant while still nodding to its heritage through the logo.  

Sal's Window Signage MockUp 2.png
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